浦东顶复 / Dariel Studio

浦东顶复 / Dariel Studio

  • 发布时间:2020-05-29

  Dariel Studio 最新豪宅项目,由 Thomas Dariel 亲自操刀设计的这一天际顶复,座落于上海浦东世贸滨江花园,优越的地理位置及环境让这一住宅区成为了世界各地精英荟萃之地。 这次 Thomas Dariel 又重新执笔, 赋予了顶复非凡的气质,又完全为业主量身打造,贴近其自身的生活情趣及视野格局。
  The latest luxury residential project designed by Dariel Studio is located in Pudong World Trade Binjiang Garden. The prestigious location and surroundings attracts elites from all over the world. Thomas Dariel, as the founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, welcomed the challenge and transformed the entire
space into an artsy and sophisticated penthouse. The structure, materials and colours have all been carefully selected to ensure they work harmoniously together.
▼舒适的内部氛围,the enjoyable living space


  欧洲生活,时尚领域,艺术追求,Thomas Dariel 在项目初期与业主的攀谈中屡屡获得共鸣,通过设计语言,将这些原本抽象又极富意境的共鸣逐一呈现于空间之中。而 Art Deco 正是对此的完美诠释,Thomas Dariel 希望通过这一设计风格来演绎属于年轻人的现代及优雅,从细节及材质上营造不同的感官体验,巧妙地将业主的喜好融入其中,却又不失格调。考虑到业主的生活需要,Thomas Dariel 将这顶复划分为三层: 偏重家庭生活的第一层,用于社交生活的第二层以及仅属于业主私密空间的第三层。
  Thomas shares similar European life experiences and a love for art and fashion with his clients. This enabled him to connect deeply with their needs and wants for this penthouse – a spacious home that is cozy enough for family life but is also well equipped to host parties and entertain guests. Taking into consideration the client’s age, personalities and preferences, Thomas draws inspiration from Art Deco and has created a unique sensual experience by playing with opulent colours and materials. Taking into account the owner’s personal needs, Thomas Dariel divided the penthouse into 3 floors: the first floor has been designed specifically for the functionalities of family life, whilst the second floor is laid out to accommodate social gatherings, meetings and parties with guests. Finally, the third floor is designed exclusively to accommodate the owner’s privacy.

▼充满艺术氛围的空间,a place of art



  Upon entering the penthouse, guests will be captivated by the white diamond-cut shaped staircase. It creates a strong visual focal impact with its contrasting geometric black and white marble pattern. Thomas Dariel strove to challenge the traditional way that spaces relate to one another. In doing so, he positioned the staircase at the center of the apartment. A design masterpiece in itself, the staircase carefully divides different functional spaces and connects all floors. It is the core of the space structure as well as the heart of the design.

▼如同钻石切面般的雅白色旋梯,the white diamond-cut shaped staircase





  在第一层的家庭空间里,考虑到两位业主的生活需要,配置了可供男主人阅读及办公的静谧书房,空间中大量蓝色的运用,在渲染出高雅的氛围,又希望可以通过颜色使得业主更加沉静,便于思考;而极富童趣的云朵墙面,率性自由,供使用者能短暂地逃离现实,畅游梦想。 设计的过程中,Thomas Dariel 反复地提到:“空间的设计不仅仅是带来视觉地享受,更要为使用者提供便利,令其乐享其中”。
  On the first floor, the blue colour applied to the reading room walls creates a relaxing environment that supports calmness and mindfulness, whilst the other wall painted with clouds, provides the feeling of a fantasy world and invites one to escape and dream. During the design process, Thomas mentioned that when designing the interior, it’s more than just trying to choose what looks visually appealing to the eye, designers have to also consider the owner’s ease of use and happiness whilst in that space.

▼供男主人阅读及办公的静谧书房,the reading room on the first floor



  为女主人专设的瑜伽空间,纯粹静雅的色调中,不时点缀着淡淡的粉色,金色的开关,把手等在细节上突显了业主对于精致生活的考究。连系这两个空间的,便是开放式的家庭空间,比起正式的客厅,更是多了一份温馨和甜蜜,考虑到业主将来的生活习惯,也于此配备了足够的收纳空间。在家具的选择上,Thomas Dariel 挑选了更柔软舒适的款式,因为他相信,在这里,家人之间,少了那一份拘束,在整个设计氛围中更应当烘托这种亲和力才是。同样座落于第一层的,还有为亲属配置的房间,墙面的几何图案,延伸到浴室又幻化成不一 样的语言,展现了空间的个性化。
  The beautiful pink wall is the most striking feature in the yoga room. The gold detailing provides a touch of refinement. The client desired a feeling of exquisiteness and elegance in this room, so each of the luxurious design elements were carefully selected to ensure they were happy with the end result. The open family space connects the yoga and reading room. Unlike the traditional formal living room, Thomas designed a space that makes people feel relaxed and at ease. Customized rugs, delicately chosen furniture and storage space have all been arranged to serve and achieve that purpose. Additionally on the first floor resides the guest room. The geometric pattern and design transitions from the guest bedroom to bathroom.

▼为女主人专设的瑜伽空间,the yoga room for the hostess






▼墙面的几何图案延伸到浴室又幻化成不一 样的语言,the geometric pattern and design transitions from the guest bedroom to bathroom



  作为主入口,第二层则极大地满足了业主未来的会客需要。 双层挑高的客厅空间,凸显出建筑结构和现代感,偌大的落地窗让浦江风景尽收眼底,也最大程度的吸收了采光。顶上的吊灯为 Thomas Dariel 设计为巨型金属烛台造型,不受拘束的结构,自由大胆的线条,宛若艺术品一般悬浮在空中,体现出装饰艺术的高雅。客厅,应当彰显的是主人非凡的品味。 Thomas 从业主的喜好入手,从服装的剪裁中汲取了对壁炉的设计灵感,而另一侧的墙面的定制雕花又迎合了男主人对中式元素的偏爱,为这一原本极具艺术气息的空间, 融入了鲜明的个人色彩。
  As the main entrance, the second floor has been designed for the client’s social gatherings and meeting guests’ needs. The two story ceiling generates immense space and creates a modern day feel whilst allowing natural light into the space. The stunning Bund views can be seen through the panoptic windows. Thomas played with the unstructured shapes and asymmetric lines and specially designed a droplight for the living room. Floating at the center of the living room, it immediately attracts one’s attention and adds a touch of art deco elegancy into the space. Other deco details reflect the owner’s distinct taste: the fireplace shaped like pattern cut and customized carved patterns, all represent the client’s preference for Chinese culture elements.
▼二层双层挑高的客厅空间凸显出建筑结构和现代感,the two story ceiling generates immense space and creates a modern day feel



▼几何切割定制壁炉, the fireplace shaped like pattern cut and customized carved patterns



  Through the high revolving door next to the living room lies a welcoming cigar and wine tasting room. The soft leather covered wall adds warmth to the area, whilst strong and bold colours have been selected to bring energy and diversity to the space.

▼高挑的旋转门背后是静谧而舒适的会客空间,through the high revolving door next to the living room lies a welcoming cigar





  On the other side of the stairs is the dining room. The walnut dining table matches perfectly with the flooring, the delicate textures and patterns are also specially designed and result in a contemporary and timeless feel.

▼楼梯的另一侧首先进入的是餐厅空间,on the other side of the stairs is the dining room



▼餐厅吧台,the bar



  一旁随即转入的,便是那独一无二的室内泳池,配备的尖端科技的同时,在空间氛围的营上,Thomas Dariel 选用了与水面相呼应的浅色调,用极其简约的手法演绎设计感:纯粹、低调。 抽象的几何图案及略带现代中式感的壁灯,又灵巧地赋予空间平衡感。
  The swimming pool is one of the highlights of the design space. Equipped with the cutting edge technology, the swimming pool features a feeling of extravagance, while the carefully selected light colour complements the water perfectly. The abstract geometric pattern combined with the Chinese style wall lamps creates an impressive visual effect.

▼奢华室内泳池, the swimming pool features a feeling of extravagance





  漫步上三楼,则来到了完全处于业主自己的私人天地。法式蓝色衬托起整体主卧的高雅基调,二层客厅处壁炉的特殊裁剪设计却在此被赋予了别样的巧思,180 度打开内部隐藏的电视柜 终于初见端倪。而打开时的流畅性,闭合时的密封性也是 Thomas Dariel 对于概念到最终实施落地的细节追求。同样,空间中把手的全部定制化处理,墙面金属线条的肌理设计,也完 全体现了设计师对于细节的苛求以及情有独钟。
  Positioned on the 3rd floor is the owner’s private space. Thomas’s choice of deep blue injects gracefulness and elegancy into the master bedroom. The fireplace revisits the pattern cut design located in the living room. The hidden TV cabinet appears after opening the pattern cut shaped door, which provides an element of mystery and a fun.

▼三楼私人卧室,the owner’s private space



  来到主卫,洁白的大理石勾嵌古铜色金属线条,墙面纯意大利手抛瓷砖错落排布,外加 Thomas Dariel 亲自定制的梳妆镜,仿佛一群对于设计极致追求的匠人在空间中无形的对话,品质、美感孕育而生。
  The texture of the metal lines on the wall and the bespoke handles in the master bathroom demonstrate Thomas’s expertise in details. The copper lines embedded in the white marble and the customized vanity mirrors hanging on the Italian handmade tiles reflects Thomas’s attention to detail.

▼主卫洁白的大理石勾嵌古铜色金属线条,the texture of the metal lines on the wall



  Taking into consideration both spousal’s spatial needs, Thomas has created two separate dressing rooms. The male dressing room incorporates deep and strong masculine colours, whilst the other dressing room in contrast, evokes softness and elegance for its female user. The customized furniture and effective storage space in each, reflects the personalities of its users.

▼女主人衣帽间,hostess’ dressing room





  Thomas 说道,没有人会喜欢无聊的空间,这也意味着室内空间的元素必须微妙地差异化,但又以某种形式巧妙呼应与连接。空间的形式可简约,但必须展现其精致的细节和独特的工艺。在设计的过程中,设计师必须考虑业主的个性和喜好,通过独特的设计手法,赋予整个空间个性与灵魂,传递给人与众不同的感受。
  Thomas explained the reasoning behind the impressive bespoke work for the penthouse, “Nobody likes boring space, so some of the interior elements should be nuanced. You can have a simple form, but the way it’s made might encompass a beautiful detail or a unique finish. The skill and passion put into something designed or made by yourself brings a soul that can add special feelings to the space.”




设计公司: DarielStudio
设计总监: Thomas DARIEL
设计师:Julie Matthias, Justine Frenoux, Andreea Baatros
项目经理:刘世蔚,& Marco Montanucci
面积:1000 m2
Pudong Penthouse
Design Company: Dariel Studio Design Director: Thomas DARIEL
Designer: Julie Matthias, Justine Frenoux, Andreea Baatros Project manager: Shiwei Liu & Marco Montanucci
Area: 1000 m2